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NPR sites usually have links to more artist sites.
I would like to thank NPR for their wonderful archives.

Influences...Old friends and New. My love and appreciation to:

Eyes watchin' u my old friend...At 21 I had never met anyone quite like Mac. His easy going way melted my reserve. A big heart and a big talent.
Doctor John
Dr John...NPR Interview and tracks

My mentor and sometime traveling partner...his site
Steve Mann
Steve Mann NPR Tracks

My old friend and bandmate is a great guitarist...fine songwriter and has the most wonderful dry wit of almost anyone I know.
Peter Kaukonen Home Site

This site is a Fantastic Journey..we would expect no less of Devendra.
Devendra Banhart

Frank Zappa once told me I didn't "play like a girl" at the time I thought it was a compliment...That was way before we burned our bras. His music and lyrics are the most imaginative and fun and iconoclastic ever.
Frank Zappa a wonderful and fun Home Site

Right after Constant Companion was released my sister took an overdose of sleeping pills. She had been staying at my home while I was on a promotional tour. When I got the news and returned home she had left James Taylor's album on my dresser. Sweet Baby James has always seemed like a message from Judy to me, specially "Fire and Rain".I have been singing along with James (his recordings that is) ever since that day. It is hard to imagine a world without his wonderful voice and songs. You can hear "I Wish I had a River" at this his home site.
James Taylor

Like James Taylor the Eagles have been passed down from me to my daughters. You can hear and see the Eagles recording "There's a Hole in the World' etc by clicking on the MEDIA button on this their web site.
The Eagles

In about 1964 I presented Van Dyke with the idea that I wanted to be a professional songwriter. His help and encouragement over the years were enormously important to me. It was Van Dyke who introduced me to the Association and Van Dyke who got me to Warner Brothers and then produced my single "Glittering Dancer". A singular brilliant composer, musician, lyricist and producer with an amazing body of work.
Van Dyke Parks

I have always loved Jackson Browne. We both drove around Hollywood in our respective VW Beetles. Always a kind word and wonderful songs. You can hear "I've Been Out Walkin'" and other songs right here and right now...
Jackson Browne

A good friend at a time when I really needed a friend. I will always remember her bringing me up on stage at the Big Sur Folk Festival to finish her set. It was a fantastic experience and demonstrates what a truly generous person Joni is.
Joni Mitchell

For those of you who are not familiar with this Agentinian Earth Mother's political and humanistic songs are in for a treat.
Mercedes Sosa Home page and music

The following jazz sites have links to songs that have deepened my love of music...taught me much about tone and phrasing and the adventure of exploration. Through the years they have taken me far away.

Mose Allison "Your Molecular Structure" and "Your Red Wagon" are all time classics. I have written several songs myself that are an homage to Mose.
Mose Allison Tracks... smooth as silk I love him still

Coltane's "A Love Supreme" has alweays been and is still the best.
John Coltrane NPR

Dave Brubeck's Quartet was my first introduction to jazz. I was hooked from the get go. When I isten to "Take Five" and"Blue Rondo a la Turk" they still take me way far out....
Dave Brubeck Quartet NPR Tracks

Monk makes it sound so easy...and sooo good.
Thelonius Monk NPR

If Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderly playing and singing "Save Your Love for Me doesn't make you weak kneed you are made of granite. Also love "The Old Country"
Nancy Wilson and Cannoball Adderley NPR Tracks

"See the girl with the diamond ring, she knows how to shake that thing"...oh yea yea that song blew all of our minds.
Ray Charles NPR Tracks

If I could sing like Billie Holiday I wouldn't do anything else. I would probably starve.
Billie Holiday Site and tracks

The sounds of Brazil and Bossa opened a new world to me. The soft insistent sounds of this meeting of musical minds are beyond companre. Classics for sure.
Getz/Gilberto NPR Tracks

Once you hear Nina Simones voice it will stay with you forever. Just like Billie Holiday her voice reaches right into your heart.
Nina Simon NPR Tracks

If one man can be credited with bringing modern Jazz to the masses it would have to be Miles. He started out accessable to all and became more and more abstract while bringing us all along.
Miles Davis NPR Tracks
More Miles NPR
storyId=4177141&sourceCode=RSS"target blank">Horace Silver NPR Tracks

The same goies for Herbie Hanock's "Maiden Journey" you've got to love it!
Herbie Hancock Maiden Voyage

Make sure you have your music player set to a random and weird pattern so you can see as well as hear this way far out music.
Roland Kirk NPR Tracks

Bill Evans honored on NPR with wonderful samples of his piano playing...Listen to Evans and Jim Hall in selections from their album "Undercurrents". His album with Swedish singer Mae Zetterling is an all time classic. "Peace Peace" and "Song for Debby" are two of my favorties.
Bill Evans

Folk roots and Blues

The old union songs were sung on my daddy's knee. The lefty song leader was an inspiration, with Woody Guthrie, for several generations of folkies, myslef included.
Pete Seeger
Pete Seeger NPR Tracks

Sometimes I feel that i too was "born under a bad sign" I could list another ten or twenty old blues gents but you just google "delta blues" and you will find them there.
Albert King

"My love is like a dewdrop on the mountain" Mark Spoelstra's voice accompanied ouf first edventures with LSD and the BIG I always feel as if he is part of my life even though he doesn't know it.
Mark Spoelstra's Home Page

Some interesting journeys.

Andres Segovia a film of Segovia showing his virtuosity.
Andres Segovia Video

The great old lady of Harpsichord plays for you. I could not find her Goldberg Variations or they would be here too.
Wanda Landowska Audio Clip

An unique opportunity to redesign Picasso's famouse collage/painting.

Always wanted to paint like Jackson Pollack? Here is you virtual chance to do so.
fun with Jackson Pollack

In case you did not have the opportunity to see this amazing show this interactive web site allows you to dive in.

Some Amazing and Enlightening Animated Statistics
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